Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Rockingham Quiz

01-20-11 - This Rockingham Quiz is being revamped. Please look for a new Rockingham Quiz heading by the date of insertion. I will explain there.

This blog will be the answer sheet for the New Rockingham Quiz. Go to Rockingham Memories - The Rockingham Quiz Page to view the item to identify and come back here to post your responses, including the entry number associated with the item. The answer will be posted here the following day after the item was inserted on Rockingham Memories. Just hit the Comment part of this post and enter your information. Good luck!

Hopefully we can get a lot of participation as I did previously. If you have anything you want me to add to the Quiz, please let me know.

1008011711 - Lady in red is Lara Jane McDonald, Bobbie Sue Chapel, Jenny Sue (Jenkins) Lear and her husband Billy Lear, Joan (Hinson) Comer obscured in photo and her husband Marcus Comer.

1007011711 -  Paul and Pam (Nettles) Dillman and Yours Truly and wife Sandra.

Bob McDonald pretty much figured these photos out and as always did an outstanding job of putting them all in context with our high school days. Don't know why but looks like the participation is playing out. Will keep my fingers crossed hoping for more input.

1006011611 -  From the 1967 Rocket Annual - Jim Biggerstaff, Doris Baxley, Ray Shaw and Jim Miller.

1005011611 -  1950s- Buck Covington at old Rockingham Speedway. He Owned
and operated Covington's Body Shop, Highland Pines until retirement and his son Gene took over business. Probably most noted now with the younger set as Bucky Covington's grandfather.

No guesses on the Buck Covington photo. But Cathy was right with the other photo, except for the woman identified. Ray Shaw also taught at RTI when I was going there. I remember he loved his smokes. I believe he usually carried a pack of regular cigs in one shirt pocket and a pack of menthols in the other.


1004011511 -  An ad that appeared in the 200th Historical Book in 1984 showing
Whitley's Discount Auto Sales located on Highway 74 with Williams Whitley & his son in the photo.

1003011511 -  An ad that appeared in the 200th Historical Book in 1984 showing Crackers, owned by Booty & Trudy Pate, the nightclub that was located on Airport Road. 

I guess no one could identify Crackers nightclub. I visited that nightclub quite a few times in my younger years. And Whitleys was a well known car dealer during that time. Appreciate the replies.

1001011411 - From the 1966 Rocket Annual - Ms. Crosland and Herman Seawell.

1002011411 - From the 1965 Rocket Annual - Most Courteous Awards to Jane McCracken and Al Benoist.

There were some good answers, some right, some wrong and some close. Thanks for participating.


  1. 1002011411

    Jane McCracken and Tony Benoist as Best Looking from the senior superlatives in 1965. by Patty and Louis Newton

  2. 1001011411

    How about Kathryn Crosland and Herman Sewell in Ms. C's RHS classroom.

    By Louis and Patty Newton

  3. 1002011411

    Sandra & Joel Bailey by Bill Dennis

  4. That would be Al Benoist not Tony.


  5. 1001011411
    Ms. Crosland and Herman Seawell in 12th grade English Class.

  6. 1001011411- Miss Crosland is twisting Herman Sewell's ear. Herman was always talking in class. As long as Herman was standing, Miss Crosland could not reach his ear. Despite the height advantage, she caught him in his seat enough times that to this day Herman's right ear is larger than his left ear.

  7. Hey that's funny Bob. I will have to check out Herman's ear at the next reunion to see if you are right.

  8. The car dealership was Whitley's I think. I remember buck King borrowing that car to use in an old timers day celebration at Bethel Baptist Church.
    Jay Hudson

  9. #10040111511
    Whitley's Auto Sales
    That is William Whitley and his son with the car

  10. Entry #5 is Coach Biggerstaff, can't recall the woman's name as I did not have her as a teacher, my uncle Ray Shaw, and I think that is Mr. Miller. Not sure where the meeting took place but my Uncle Ray taught math at Hamlet High and the other teachers taught at Rockingham High ~ Cathy Stutts Portaro

  11. 1007011711- The guy with the Paul Bunyan beard is none other than '66 classmate and friend Paul himself, Paul Dillman that is! To his left is his wife and present Richmond County Commissioner Pam Dillman, I think. The character with the '70s Afro is the one and only debonair webmaster Joel Bailey, my good friend and '66 classmate. The beautiful blonde is Joel's better half, '67 Rocket and friend Sandra Watson Bailey.

  12. 1008011711- The handsome guy in the white shirt is classmate, friend and '66 Rocket Football Captain '64 Impala driving Marcus Comer. The right shoulder and arm with the exposed styled hair and beauty salon right eyebrow is pretty classmate, Head Cheerleader, and "66 Homecoming Queen Joan Hinson Comer. I would recognized that gorgeous girl anywhere. Yes, just like in the movies, the Football Captain married the Head Cheerleader and they lived happily ever after. The striking, "pretty in pink" blackhead jibber-jabbering away is classmate and long time friend, and present L.J. Bell Elementary School Principal sweet Bobbie Sue Chappell Ormsby. In my Senior year at RHS, I would slide out of Mrs. Mulkey's 6th period study and slip into the library. No, I was not a studious bookworm. Bobbie Sue had 6th period library science class. She and I would talk the hour away while she "worked". What a wonderful way to end my school day! I always looked forward to the next day of school and 6th period. With 45 years of high school graduation behind me, I am embarrassed to say I recognize no one else in the snapshot. Help me somebody, HELP ME!!! Did I say "45"? I am looking forward to our class reunion


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